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Recent Submissions

  • Invited speakers panel Day 2, Robert Dixon and Mark Templeton [videorecording] 

    Deaton, Brady J.; Dixon, Robert K.; Templeton, Mark; Carney, John F (University of Missouri (System), 2009)
    Mark Templeton discussed the alternative energies in use in Missouri as well as the opportunities and challenges faced by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Robert Dixon discussed the World Bank and International ...
  • Invited speakers panel day 2, Dr. Sayre and Dr. Duncan [videorecording] 

    Sayre, Richard Thomas; Duncan, Robert V. (University of Missouri (System), 2009)
    Dr. Richard Sayre spoke about biomass resources, including the potential of microalgae to provide a renewable fuel. Dr. Robert Duncan addressed the need for objective scientific method when evaluating new technologies, ...
  • Invited speakers panel [videorecording] 

    Carney, John F.; Harbert, Karen Alderman; Pakrasi, Himradi Bhusan, 1953-; Dixon, Bob; Chesser, Michael; Kruse, Bob (University of Missouri (System), 2009-04)
    This panel of invited speakers at the Missouri Energy Summit 2009 addressed issues relating to energy challenges facing the United States and offered some possible solutions that would be beneficial economically and ...
  • Governor Nixon's address to the Missouri Energy Summit 2009 [videorecording] 

    Nixon, Jeremiah W. (Jeremiah Wilson), 1956-; Forsee, Gary D. (University of Missouri (System), 2009-04)
    Missouri Governor Jay Nixon addressed the Missouri Energy Summit 2009, noting Missouri's willingness to embrace technologies that offer alternative fuel sources and emphasizing the state's readiness to be a leader in energy ...
  • Welcome and keynote address [videorecording] 

    Carney, John F.; Bond, Christopher S.; McCaskill, Claire; Pickens, T. Boone (Thomas Boone) (University of Missouri (System), 2009-04)
    The Missouri Energy Summit 2009 opened with remarks from John F. Carney III, Chancellor of the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Senator Christopher 'Kit' Bond, and Senator Claire McCaskill. T. Boone Pickens ...
  • University of Missouri chief research officers panel [videorecording] 

    Carney, John F.; Arshadi, Nasser; Duncan, Robert V.; Krishnamurthy, K.; Morgan, William T. (William Thomas), 1941- (University of Missouri (System), 2009)
    The Chief Research Officers of the University of Missouri's four campuses present an overview of topics related to the four tracks for the Missouri Energy Summit 2009: Power Generation; Transportation and Biofuels; Energy ...