Items in this collection are the scholarly output of the Department of Physics and Astronomy faculty, staff, and students, either alone or as co-authors, and which may or may not have been published in an alternate format. Items may contain more than one file type.

Recent Submissions

  • Kronig-Penney model with the tail-cancellation method 

    Mishra, Subodha, 1965-; Satpathy, Sashi Sekhar, 1956- (American Association of Physics Teachers, 2001-04)
    The Kronig-Penney model of an electron moving in a periodic potential is solved by the so-called tail-cancellation method. The problem also serves as a simple illustration of the tail-cancellation method itself.
  • Dust/gas correlations from Herschel observations 

    Kawamura, A.; Li, Aigen (EDP Sciences, 2010-07)
    Context: Previous Spitzer and IRAS observations of the LMC suggest an excess of FIR emission with respect to the gas surface density traced by 12CO rotational emission lines and H i 21 cm emission. This so-called “FIR ...
  • Nonlocal theory of accelerated observers 

    Mashhoon, Bahram (American Physical Society, 1993-05)
    A nonlocal theory of accelerated observers is developed on the basis of the hypothesis that an electromagnetic wave can never stand completely still with respect to an observer. In the eikonal approximation, the nonlocal ...
  • On the spectrum of oscillations of a Schwarzschild black hole 

    Liu, Hongya; Mashhoon, Bahram (American Institute of Physics, 1996-02)
    The spectral properties of the resonant oscillations of a Schwarzschild black hole are studied. The analogy with the Coulomb wave equation is developed, and it is shown that the high-overtone quasi-normal modes are intimately ...
  • Gravitational ionization: a chaotic net in the Kepler system 

    Chicone, Carmen Charles; Mashhoon, Bahram; Retzloff, David (American Institute of Physics, 1997-03)
    The long-term nonlinear dynamics of a Keplerian binary system under the combined influences of gravitational radiation damping and external tidal perturbations is analysed. Gravitational radiation reaction leads the binary ...
  • Evolutionary dynamics while trapped in resonance: a Keplerian binary system perturbed by gravitational radiation 

    Chicone, Carmen Charles; Mashhoon, Bahram; Retzloff, David (American Institute of Physics, 1997-07)
    The method of averaging is used to investigate the phenomenon of capture into resonance for a model that describes a Keplerian binary system influenced by radiation damping and external normally incident periodic gravitational ...
  • Chaos in the Kepler system 

    Chicone, Carmen Charles; Mashhoon, Bahram; Retzloff, David (American Institute of Physics, 1999-02)
    The long-term dynamical evolution of a Keplerian binary orbit due to the emission and absorption of gravitational radiation is investigated. This work extends our previous results on transient chaos in the planar case to ...
  • On the gravitoelectromagnetic stress-energy tensor 

    Mashhoon, Bahram; McClune, James C. (James Cephas), 1961-; Quevedo, Hernando (American Institute of Physics, 1999-04)
    We study the pseudo-local gravitoelectromagnetic stress-energy tensor for an arbitrary gravitational field within the framework of general relativity. It is shown that there exists a current of gravitational energy around ...
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction of porogen phase: An alternative route to nanoporous dielectrics 

    Lubguban, J. A.; Gangopadhyay, Shubhra (Materials Research Society, 2004-11)
    We present a supercritical CO2 (SCCO2) process for the preparation of nanoporous organosilicate thin films for ultralow dielectric constant materials. The porous structure was generated by SCCO2 extraction of a sacrificial ...
  • Pressure studies of impurity levels in AlxGa1-xAs 

    Roach, W. Patrick; Chandrasekhar, Meera; Chandrasekhar, Holalkere R.; Chambers, F. A.; Meese, J. M. (Institute of Physics, 1989-04)
    The authors present a study of the deep and shallow donor levels under hydrostatic pressure. The shallow levels follow the conduction bands, while the deep levels are strongly sublinear with pressure. The temperature ...
  • Electrochemically assembled quasi-periodic quantum dot arrays 

    Baugher, E.; Chandrasekhar, Meera (Institute of Physics, 1996-12)
    We describe two electrochemical self- assembly processes for producing highly ordered quasi-periodic arrays of quantum dots on a surface. The advantages of these techniques are: (i) they are `gentle' and do not cause ...
  • Refractive index of waterlike fluids 

    Vignale, Giovanni, 1957- (American Physical Society, 1993-10)
    The refractive index of a waterlike fluid is calculated from a frequency- and wave-vector-dependent dielectric function. This model for the dielectric function of waterlike fluids as symmetric rotors is formulated in terms ...
  • Current-density-functional theory of quantum dots in a magnetic field 

    Ferconi, Maurizio, 1964-; Vignale, Giovanni, 1957- (American Physical Society, 1994)
    We present a study of ground-state energies and densities of quantum dots in a magnetic field, which takes into account correlation effects through the current-density-functional theory. The method is first tested against ...
  • Dynamic dielectric response function of liquid water 

    Kim, Sang-Hoon, 1961-; Vignale, Giovanni, 1957-; DeFacio, B. (American Physical Society, 1994-12)
    Our previous theory for the dielectric response of waterlike fluids [Phys. Rev. A 46, 7548 (1992); Phys. Rev. E 48, 3172 (1993)] is generalized to take into account the asymmetrical inertia tensor of the water molecules ...
  • Airy-function electron localization in the oxide superlattices 

    Popovic, Zoran S.; Satpathy, Sashi Sekhar, 1956- (arXiv, 2004-09)
    Oxide superlattices and microstructures hold the promise for creating a new class of devices with unprecedented functionalities. Density-functional studies of the recently fabricated superlattices of lattice-matched ...
  • Ferrodistorsive orbital ordering in the layered nickelate NaNiO2: A density-functional study 

    Meskine, Hakim, 1972-; Satpathy, Sashi Sekhar, 1956- (American Institute of Physics, 2005-05)
    The electronic structure and magnetism in the sodium nickelate NaNiO2 in the low- temperature phase is studied from density-functional calculations using the linear muffin-tin orbitals method. An antiferromagnetic solution ...
  • Teaching superfluidity at the introductory level 

    Schmets, Alexander J. M.; Montfrooij, Wouter (arXiv, 2008-04)
    Standard introductory modern physics textbooks do not exactly dwell on super- fluidity in 4He. Typically, Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) is mentioned in the context of an ideal Bose gas, followed by the statement that ...
  • The Origins Billions Star Survey: Galactic Explorer 

    Kopeikin, Sergei M. (The Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2006-10)
    The Origins Billions Star Survey is a mission concept addressing the astrophysics of extrasolar planets, Galactic structure, the Galactic halo and tidal streams, the Local Group and local supercluster of galaxies, dark ...
  • Toward understanding the 3.4 micron and 9.7 micron extinction feature variations from the local diffuse interstellar medium to the Galactic center 

    Gao, Jian; Jiang, B. W.; Li, Aigen (2008-12)
    Observationally, both the 3.4 μm aliphatic hydrocarbon C-H stretching absorption feature and the 9.7 μm amorphous silicate Si-O stretching absorption feature show considerable variations from the local diffuse interstellar ...

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