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    Anomalous Silicate Dust Emission in the Type 1 Liner Nucleus of M81 [1]
    Antiadiabatic limit of the exchange-correlation kernels of an inhomogeneous electron gas [1]
    Application of empirical interatomic potentials to the calculation of the structure and dynamics of paraffin molecules adsorbed on graphite [1]
    Application of inelastic epithermal neutron scattering to the vibrational spectroscopy of adsorbed molecules: Butane physisorbed on graphite (0001) surfaces [1]
    Astrodynamical Space Test of Relativity using Optical Devices I (ASTROD I) - A class-M fundamental physics mission proposal for Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 [1]
    Astrometric Effects of Secular Aberration [1]
    Astromineralogy of the 13 μm Feature in the Spectra of Oxygen-rich Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars. I. Corundum and Spinel [1]
    Asymmetry of above-threshold ionization of metal clusters in two-color laser fields: A time-dependent density-functional study [1]
    Atomic force microscopy measurements of topography and friction on dotriacontane films adsorbed on a SiO2 surface [1]
    Beating of Friedel oscillations induced by spin-orbit interaction [1]
    Behavior of hexane on graphite at near-monolayer densities: Molecular dynamics study [1]
    Beyond Gravitoelectromagnetism: Critical Speed in Gravitational Motion [1]
    Beyond the standard IAU framework [1]
    Binary Pulsar Tests of General Relativity in the Presence of Low-Frequency Noise [1]
    Bosonization of the two-dimensional electron gas in the lowest Landau level [1]
    Bound on the group velocity of an electron in a one-dimensional periodic potential [1]
    Cage diffusion in liquid mercury [1]
    Calculated effective Hamiltonian for La2CuO4 and solution in the impurity Anderson approximation [1]
    Calculating free-energy profiles in biomolecular systems from fast nonequilibrium processes [1]
    Calculating potentials of mean force and diffusion coefficients from nonequilibrium processes without Jarzynski's equality [1]