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    Measurement Theory and General Relativity
    Mechanism of melting in submonolayer films of nitrogen molecules adsorbed on the basal planes of graphite
    Melting mechanism in monolayers of flexible rod-shaped molecules
    Melting of hexane monolayers adsorbed on graphite: the role of domains and defect formation
    Memory function formalism approach to electrical conductivity and optical response of dilute magnetic semiconductors
    Mid-Infrared Extinction and its Variation with Galactic Longitude
    Millimeter Laser Ranging to the Moon: a comprehensive theoretical model for advanced data analysis
    Millisecond and binary pulsars as nature's frequency standards - III. Fourier analysis and spectral sensitivity of timing observations to low-frequency noise
    A Mission to Explore the Pioneer Anomaly
    Modification of the Doppler effect due to the helicity-rotation coupling
    Molecular dynamics studies of the melting of butane and hexane monolayers adsorbed on the basal‐plane surface of graphite
    Molecular Hydrogen in the Ring Nebula: Clumpy Photodissociation Regions
    Molecular-dynamics simulations of the dynamical excitations in commensurate submonolayer films of nitrogen molecules on graphite
    Monte Carlo simulation method for Laughlin-like states in a disk geometry
    Motional Coherence in Fluid Phospholipid Membranes
    Multilayer structure of nitrogen adsorbed on graphite
    The Multitude of Molecular Hydrogen Knots in the Helix Nebula
    Multiwavelength Study of Pulsation and Dust Production in Mira Variables Using Optical Interferometry for Constraints
    Nanoclustering of vacancies in thin metal films revealed by x-ray diffuse scattering
    Nanoscale Observation of Alkane Delayering