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    Measurement Theory and General Relativity [1]
    Mechanism of melting in submonolayer films of nitrogen molecules adsorbed on the basal planes of graphite [1]
    Melting mechanism in monolayers of flexible rod-shaped molecules [1]
    Melting of hexane monolayers adsorbed on graphite: the role of domains and defect formation [1]
    Memory function formalism approach to electrical conductivity and optical response of dilute magnetic semiconductors [1]
    Mid-Infrared Extinction and its Variation with Galactic Longitude [1]
    Millimeter Laser Ranging to the Moon: a comprehensive theoretical model for advanced data analysis [1]
    Millisecond and binary pulsars as nature's frequency standards - III. Fourier analysis and spectral sensitivity of timing observations to low-frequency noise [1]
    A Mission to Explore the Pioneer Anomaly [1]
    Modification of the Doppler effect due to the helicity-rotation coupling [1]
    Molecular dynamics studies of the melting of butane and hexane monolayers adsorbed on the basal‐plane surface of graphite [1]
    Molecular Hydrogen in the Ring Nebula: Clumpy Photodissociation Regions [1]
    Molecular-dynamics simulations of the dynamical excitations in commensurate submonolayer films of nitrogen molecules on graphite [1]
    Monte Carlo simulation method for Laughlin-like states in a disk geometry [1]
    Motional Coherence in Fluid Phospholipid Membranes [1]
    Multilayer structure of nitrogen adsorbed on graphite [1]
    The Multitude of Molecular Hydrogen Knots in the Helix Nebula [1]
    Multiwavelength Study of Pulsation and Dust Production in Mira Variables Using Optical Interferometry for Constraints [1]
    Nanoclustering of vacancies in thin metal films revealed by x-ray diffuse scattering [1]
    Nanoscale Observation of Alkane Delayering [1]