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    Reference frames, gauge transformations and gravitomagnetism in the post-Newtonian theory of the lunar motion [1]
    Refractive index of waterlike fluids [1]
    Relating Biophysical Properties Across Scales [1]
    Relativistic Effects in the Motion of the Moon [1]
    Relativistic motion of spinning particles in a gravitational field [1]
    Relativistic Reference Frames for Astrometry and Navigation in the Solar System [1]
    Relativity and Nonlocality [1]
    Relaxation in Time-Dependent Current-Density-Functional Theory [1]
    The resonance counting function for Schrödinger operators with generic potentials [1]
    Response properties of III-V dilute magnetic semiconductors: interplay of disorder, dynamical electron-electron interactions and band-structure effects [1]
    Retardation of Gravity in Binary Pulsars [1]
    Rigorous upper bound for the persistent current in systems with toroidal geometry [1]
    RKKY Interaction in Graphene from Lattice Green's Function [1]
    RKKY range function of a one-dimensional noninteracting electron gas [1]
    The Role of Grain Boundaries in Determining the Transport Properties in Magnetite [1]
    Role of Physical Mechanisms in Biological Self-Organization [1]
    Role of the triplet state in the green emission peak of polyfluorene films: A time evolution study [1]
    The role of triplet excitons in enhancing polymer solar cell efficiency: a photo-induced absorption study [1]
    The role of triplet states in the emission mechanism of polymer light-emitting diodes [1]
    Rotating cylindrical systems and gravitomagnetism [1]