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    Transverse spin diffusion in ferromagnets
    Tuning intermolecular interactions in di-octyl substituted polyfluorene via hydrostatic pressure
    Ultrafast Formation of Nonemissive Species via Intermolecular Interaction in Single Crystals of Conjugated Molecules
    Ultrahigh vacuum chamber for synchrotron x‐ray diffraction from films adsorbed on single‐crystal surfaces
    Ultrarelativistic motion: inertial and tidal effects in Fermi coordinates
    Unipolar spin diodes and transistors
    Units of relativistic time scales and associated quantities
    Universal equilibrium currents in the quantum Hall fluid
    Universality away from critical points in two-dimensional phase transitions
    Using stochastic models calibrated from nanosecond nonequilibrium simulations to approximate mesoscale information
    Vacancy formation in homoepitaxially grown Ag films and its effect on surface morphology
    Vacancy trapping and annealing in noble-metal films grown at low temperature
    Vacuum C metric and the gravitational Stark effect
    Vacuum electrodynamics of accelerated systems: Nonlocal Maxwell's equations
    Verwey transition in magnetite: Mean‐field solution of the three‐band model
    Viscous corrections to the resistance of nano-junctions: a dispersion relation approach
    VLT / Infrared Integral Field Spectrometer Observations of Molecular Hydrogen Lines in the Knots in the Planetary Nebula NGC 7293 (the Helix Nebula)
    Wannier-like functions and tight-binding parametrization for the manganese bands in CaMnO3
    Weak Gravitational Lensing and Cluster Mass Estimates
    Wetting-layer transformation for Pb nanocrystals grown on Si(111)