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    Transverse spin diffusion in ferromagnets [1]
    Tuning intermolecular interactions in di-octyl substituted polyfluorene via hydrostatic pressure [1]
    Ultrafast Formation of Nonemissive Species via Intermolecular Interaction in Single Crystals of Conjugated Molecules [1]
    Ultrahigh vacuum chamber for synchrotron x‐ray diffraction from films adsorbed on single‐crystal surfaces [1]
    Ultrarelativistic motion: inertial and tidal effects in Fermi coordinates [1]
    Unipolar spin diodes and transistors [1]
    Units of relativistic time scales and associated quantities [1]
    Universal equilibrium currents in the quantum Hall fluid [1]
    Universality away from critical points in two-dimensional phase transitions [1]
    Using stochastic models calibrated from nanosecond nonequilibrium simulations to approximate mesoscale information [1]
    Vacancy formation in homoepitaxially grown Ag films and its effect on surface morphology [1]
    Vacancy trapping and annealing in noble-metal films grown at low temperature [1]
    Vacuum C metric and the gravitational Stark effect [1]
    Vacuum electrodynamics of accelerated systems: Nonlocal Maxwell's equations [1]
    Verwey transition in magnetite: Mean‐field solution of the three‐band model [1]
    Viscous corrections to the resistance of nano-junctions: a dispersion relation approach [1]
    VLT / Infrared Integral Field Spectrometer Observations of Molecular Hydrogen Lines in the Knots in the Planetary Nebula NGC 7293 (the Helix Nebula) [1]
    Wannier-like functions and tight-binding parametrization for the manganese bands in CaMnO3 [1]
    Weak Gravitational Lensing and Cluster Mass Estimates [1]
    Wetting-layer transformation for Pb nanocrystals grown on Si(111) [1]