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    Decaying dark energy in higher-dimensional gravity [1]
    A decoupled system of hyperbolic equations for linearized cosmological perturbations [1]
    Deep center in Al0.3Ga0.7As [1]
    Degenerate ground states and nonunique potentials: Breakdown and restoration of density functionals [1]
    Delay equations and radiation damping [1]
    Density-Functional Theory for Strongly Interacting Electrons [1]
    Density-functional theory of the phase diagram of maximum-density droplets in two-dimensional quantum dots in a magnetic field [1]
    Density‐functional studies of the electronic structure of the perovskite oxides: La1−xCaxMnO3 [1]
    Detection of a Far-Infrared Bow-Shock Nebula Around R Hya: the First MIRIAD Results [1]
    Detection of the gravitomagnetic field using an orbiting superconducting gravity gradiometer. Theoretical principles [1]
    Determining the Dust Extinction of Gamma-ray Burst Host Galaxies: A Direct Method Based on Optical and X-ray Photometry [1]
    Disclination unbinding transition in quantum Hall liquid crystals [1]
    Discovery of Extreme Carbon Stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud [1]
    Dissipation through spin Coulomb drag in electronic spin dynamics [1]
    Dissipation through spin Coulomb drag in electronic spin transport and optical excitations [1]
    Distribution of parallel vortices studied by spin-polarized neutron reflectivity and magnetization [1]
    Does the Self-Trapped Magnetic Polaron Exist in Electron-Doped Manganites? [1]
    Drag in Paired Electron-Hole Layers [1]
    Drude weight, plasmon dispersion, and a.c. conductivity in doped graphene sheets [1]
    Drude weight, plasmon dispersion, and pseudospin response in doped graphene sheets [1]