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    Gastrin Releasing Protein Receptor Specific Gold Nanorods: Breast and Prostate Tumor Avid Nanovectors for Molecular Imaging
    Gauge-dependent cosmological 'constant'
    Gauge-invariant formulation of spin-current density-functional theory
    General relativistic model for experimental measurement of the speed of propagation of gravity by VLBI
    General Relativistic Theory of Light Propagation in the Field of Radiative Gravitational Multipoles
    Generalization of Kerr spacetime
    The generalized Jacobi equation
    Generation of fast propagating combustion and shock waves with copper oxide/aluminum nanothermite composites
    Geometry-Dependent Electronic Properties of Highly Fluorescent Conjugated Molecules
    Gilbert damping and spin Coulomb drag in a magnetized electron liquid with spin-orbit interaction
    Glass : a multi-platform specimen supporting substrate for precision single molecule studies of membrane proteins [abstract only]
    Glass is a viable substrate for atomic force microscopy of membrane proteins [abstract only]
    Glass is a viable substrate for precision force microscopy of membrane proteins
    Gradiometry and gravitomagnetic field detection
    Gravimagnetic effect of the barycentric motion of the Sun and determination of the post-Newtonian parameter gamma in the Cassini experiment
    Gravimagnetism, Causality, and Aberration of Gravity in the Gravitational Light-Ray Deflection Experiments
    Gravitation and Nonlocality
    Gravitational bending of light by planetary multipoles and its measurement with microarcsecond astronomical interferometers
    Gravitational couplings of intrinsic spin
    Gravitational induction