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    Gastrin Releasing Protein Receptor Specific Gold Nanorods: Breast and Prostate Tumor Avid Nanovectors for Molecular Imaging [1]
    Gauge-dependent cosmological 'constant' [1]
    Gauge-invariant formulation of spin-current density-functional theory [1]
    General relativistic model for experimental measurement of the speed of propagation of gravity by VLBI [1]
    General Relativistic Theory of Light Propagation in the Field of Radiative Gravitational Multipoles [1]
    Generalization of Kerr spacetime [1]
    The generalized Jacobi equation [1]
    Generation of fast propagating combustion and shock waves with copper oxide/aluminum nanothermite composites [1]
    Geometry-Dependent Electronic Properties of Highly Fluorescent Conjugated Molecules [1]
    Gilbert damping and spin Coulomb drag in a magnetized electron liquid with spin-orbit interaction [1]
    Gradiometry and gravitomagnetic field detection [1]
    Gravimagnetic effect of the barycentric motion of the Sun and determination of the post-Newtonian parameter gamma in the Cassini experiment [1]
    Gravimagnetism, Causality, and Aberration of Gravity in the Gravitational Light-Ray Deflection Experiments [1]
    Gravitation and Nonlocality [1]
    Gravitational bending of light by planetary multipoles and its measurement with microarcsecond astronomical interferometers [1]
    Gravitational couplings of intrinsic spin [1]
    Gravitational induction [1]
    Gravitational ionization: a chaotic net in the Kepler system [1]
    Gravitational ionization: periodic orbits of binary systems perturbed by gravitational radiation. [1]
    A Gravitational Mechanism for the Acceleration of Ultrarelativistic Particles [1]