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    Helicity-rotation-gravity coupling for gravitational waves
    Heterostructure unipolar spin transistors
    High field and Coulomb interaction effects on spin injection in degenerate semiconductors
    High-pressure studies of GaAs-AlxGa1-xAs quantum wells at 300 and 80 K using photoreflectance spectroscopy
    High-pressure studies of GaAs-Ga1-xAlxAs quantum wells of widths 26 to 150 Å
    High-pressure study of the Raman modes in YBa2(Cu0.96Ni0.04)4O8
    High-resolution ellipsometric study of an n-alkane film, dotriacontane, adsorbed on a SiO2 surface
    Holonomy and gravitomagnetism
    Hydrogen storage in engineered carbon nanospaces
    Hydrostatic pressure dependence of the luminescence and Raman frequencies in polyfluorene
    Hydrostatic-pressure studies of confined transitions in cubic Zn1-xCdxSe/ZnSe strained-layer quantum wells
    Hypernetted-chain study of broken rotational symmetry states for the ν=1/3 fractional quantum Hall effect and other fractionally filled Landau levels
    The Hypothesis of Locality and its Limitations
    The IAU 2000 resolutions for astrometry, celestial mechanics and metrology in the relativistic framework: explanatory supplement
    Ice chemistry in embedded young stellar objects in the Large Magellanic Cloud
    Including nonlocality in the exchange-correlation kernel from time-dependent current density functional theory: Application to the stopping power of electron liquids
    Incompleteness of the Landauer formula for electronic transport
    Inertia of Intrinsic Spin
    Inertial effects of an accelerating black hole
    Influence of Quantum Size Effects on Island Coarsening