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    Observable frequency shifts via spin-rotation coupling
    Observation of the superconducting proximity effect in Nb/InAs and NbNx/InAs by Raman scattering
    Observing the spin Coulomb drag in spin-valve devices
    On a class of rotating gravitational waves
    On buckyonions as an interstellar grain component
    On detecting the gravitomagnetic field of the earth by means of orbiting clocks
    On Dust Extinction of Gamma-Ray Burst Host Galaxies
    On Magnesium Sulfide as the Carrier of the 30 μm Emission Feature in Evolved Stars
    On Measuring Gravitomagnetism via Spaceborne Clocks: A Gravitomagnetic Clock Effect
    On Silicon Carbide Grains as the Carrier of the 21 Micron Emission Feature in Post-Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
    On the Anomalous Silicate Emission Features of AGNs: A Possible Interpretation Based on Porous Dust
    On the Carriers of the 21 Micron Emission Feature in Post-Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
    On the Energy of Rotating Gravitational Waves
    On the gravitoelectromagnetic stress-energy tensor
    On the gravitomagnetic clock effect
    On the Gravitomagnetic Time Delay
    On the ionization of a Keplerian binary system by periodic gravitational radiation
    On the relation between the scalar and tensor exchange-correlation kernels of the time-dependent density-functional theory
    On the representation of the electric charge distribution in ethane for calculations of the molecular quadrupole moment and intermolecular electrostatic energy
    On the RKKY range function of a one dimensional non interacting electron gas