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    Quantum breathing mode for electrons with 1/r2 interaction [1]
    The quantum mechanics of electric conduction in crystals [1]
    Quantum Stress Focusing in Descriptive Chemistry [1]
    Quantum Theory in Accelerated Frames of Reference [1]
    Quantum Theory of Orbital Magnetization and Its Generalization to Interacting Systems [1]
    Quasielastic neutron scattering and molecular dynamics simulation studies of the melting transition in butane and hexane monolayers adsorbed on graphite [1]
    Quasiparticle self-energy and many-body effective mass enhancement in a two-dimensional electron liquid [1]
    Radio Interferometric Tests of General Relativity [1]
    Raman and modulated-reflectivity spectra of a strained pseudomorphic ZnTe epilayer on InAs under pressure [1]
    Real-Time Electron Dynamics with Exact-Exchange Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory [1]
    Real-time resolution of the causality paradox of time-dependent density-functional theory [1]
    Recent VLBA/VERA/IVS Tests of General Relativity [1]
    Reference frames, gauge transformations and gravitomagnetism in the post-Newtonian theory of the lunar motion [1]
    Refractive index of waterlike fluids [1]
    Relating Biophysical Properties Across Scales [1]
    Relativistic Effects in the Motion of the Moon [1]
    Relativistic motion of spinning particles in a gravitational field [1]
    Relativistic Reference Frames for Astrometry and Navigation in the Solar System [1]
    Relativity and Nonlocality [1]
    Relaxation in Time-Dependent Current-Density-Functional Theory [1]