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    The SAGE-Spec Spitzer Legacy Program: The Life Cycle of Dust and Gas in the Large Magellanic Cloud
    The SAGE-Spec Spitzer Legacy program: The life-cycle of dust and gas in the Large Magellanic Cloud: Point source classification I.
    Schrödinger equation for the one-particle density matrix of thermal systems: an alternative formulation of Bose-Einstein condensation
    The search for quantum critical scaling in a classical system
    Self-trapped magnetic polaron: Exact solution of a continuum model in one dimension
    Shapiro Effect as a Possible Cause of the Low-Frequency Pulsar Timing Noise in Globular Clusters
    Side jumps in the spin Hall effect: Construction of the Boltzmann collision integral
    Significance of c /sqrt2 in relativistic physics
    Slow Diffusive Motions in a Monolayer of Tetracosane Molecules Adsorbed on Graphite
    Solvent Effects on the Monolayer Structure of Long n-Alkane Molecules Adsorbed on Graphite
    Solving the Ultranonlocality Problem in Time-Dependent Spin-Density-Functional Theory
    Some aspects on the observation of the gravitomagnetic clock effect
    Some upper bounds on the number of resonances for manifolds with infinite cylindrical ends
    Spacetime measurements in Kaluza-Klein gravity
    The Speed of Gravity in General Relativity and Theoretical Interpretation of the Jovian Deflection Experiment
    Spin accumulation from interlayer scattering in semiconductor bilayers
    Spin and Rotation in General Relativity
    Spin Coulomb drag in the two-dimensional electron liquid
    Spin Currents and Spin Dynamics in Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory
    Spin diffusion in doped semiconductors: The role of Coulomb interactions