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    Teaching superfluidity at the introductory level [1]
    Temperature and orientation dependence of kinetic roughening during homoepitaxy: A quantitative x-ray-scattering study of Ag [1]
    Temperature dependence of persistent spin currents in a spin-orbit-coupled electron gas: A density-matrix approach [1]
    Temperature dependence of strain in ZnSe(epilayer)/GaAs(epilayer) [1]
    Temperature dependence of surface roughening during homoepitaxial growth on Cu(001) [1]
    Temperature dependence of the quantized states in a GaAs-Ga1-xAlxAs superlattice [1]
    Temperature Dependence of the Tunneling Amplitude between Quantum Hall Edges [1]
    Temperature-dependent photoluminescence of organic semiconductors with varying backbone conformation [1]
    Temperature-dependent resistivity of ferromagnetic Ga1‑xMnxAs : Interplay between impurity scattering and many-body effects [1]
    Temperature-dependent vacancy formation during the growth of Cu on Cu(001) [1]
    Testing the Relativistic Effect of the Propagation of Gravity by Very Long Baseline Interferometry [1]
    Theoretical and experimental study of the vibrational excitations in ethane monolayers adsorbed on graphite (0001) surfaces [1]
    Theoretical prediction of spectral and optical properties of bacteriochlorophylls in thermally disordered LH2 antenna complexes [1]
    Theory of photon bands in three-dimensional periodic dielectric structures [1]
    Theory of relativistic-reference frames for high-precision astrometric space misions [1]
    Theory of spin Coulomb drag in spin-polarized transport [1]
    Theory of the composition dependence of the band offset and sheet carrier density in the GaN/AlxGa1−xN heterostructure [1]
    Theory of the Linewidth of Intersubband Plasmons in Quantum Wells [1]
    Theory of the Pseudospin Resonance in Semiconductor Bilayers [1]
    Thermal expansion of the Ag(111) surface measured by x-ray scattering [1]