• Complemented subspaces of spaces obtained by interpolation 

    Montgomery-Smith, Stephen, 1963-; Garling, D. J. H. (2011-01)
    If Z is a quotient of a subspace of a separable Banach space X, and V is any separable Banach space, then there is a Banach couple (A0,A1) such that A0 and A1 are isometric to X⊕V, and any intermediate space obtained using ...
  • Vector-valued weakly analytic measures 

    Asmar, Nakhlé H.; Kelly, Annela R.; Montgomery-Smith, Stephen, 1963- (2011-01)
    This paper studies properties of weakly analytic vector-valued measures, an area of study which is relatively unexplored, especially in comparison with scalar-valued measures.