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    Measuring nurses' response to configurations of work system parameters a data mining approach
    Measuring the relationship between individual and cultural traits (ICT) and safety perceptions in manufacturing: development of a conceptual model
    Mechanical properties of rapid manufacturing and plastic injection molding
    The mechanics of fiber-based absorbent evaporative cooling (fbaEC) for transport
    Minimizing health care spending by optimizing care management activities : a mixed-integer programming approach to managing population health
    Modeling the urban underground pallet tube system design
    Models and algorithms for complex system optimization problems :|applications to hospital layout and LED traffic signal maintenance
    Modified Tabu search to solve complex, continuous-variable problems through gradient analysis and contour jumps
    Multi-attribute decision making: a test on the impact of data attributes dependency
    Multi-objective optimization models for surgical services planning
    New model of flying sidekick traveling salesman problem with a charge-station
    NGOMSL simulation model in an emergency department
    Optimal routing in a high threat environment :|models and algorithms
    An optimization model for the World Food Programme's "protracted relief and recovery operations" in Chad
    Optimizing medical performance utilizing electrodermal activity stress levels
    Optimizing production and inventory decisions at all-you-care-to-eat facilities
    A performance-based eye-tracking analysis of user behavior in a dynamic monitoring task
    Period traveling salesman with customer stratification
    A practical approach to the cyclic multi-bin joint replenishment problem
    Prioritization of hospital orders considering cancellation probabilities