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    A performance-based eye-tracking analysis of user behavior in a dynamic monitoring task
    Period traveling salesman with customer stratification
    A practical approach to the cyclic multi-bin joint replenishment problem
    Prioritization of hospital orders considering cancellation probabilities
    Profit Maximization of a Kanban-based Supply Chain
    Quantification of risk factors for occupational Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    A quantitative performace measurement framework for health care systems
    Relation-based item slotting
    Repair prioritization with respect to inventory requirements
    Risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome
    A robust optimization approach to solid waste collection planning : location-allocation, and service frequency
    Sensor coverage and actors relocation in wireless sensor and actor networks (WSAN) :|optimization models and approximation algorithms
    Shipment consolidation and distribution models in the international supply chain
    Staging approaches to reduce overall cost in a crossdock environment
    A systematic framework to improve knowledge management through information technology
    A systematic study of medication errors and their dynamics in hospital medication service processes
    Text mining with neural network and Mapreduce
    A Time Buffered Arc Routing Problem
    Tradeoff analysis for an integrated transportation and inventory distribution network using mixed integer linear programming
    The use of radio frequency identification (RFID) in tracking surgical sponges and reducing wrong-site surgeries