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    Achieving energy efficiency in manufacturing : organization, procedures and implementation [1]
    After sales services for repairable parts with service level agreements [1]
    Alternative methods for calculating optimal safety stock levels [1]
    Analysis of pupil dilation using fractal dimension and eye-head integrated tracking system in a multitasking environment [1]
    Applying optimization techniques to identify multistate collaborations for improving biopower energy policy [1]
    Assessing costs and environmental impacts of municipal food waste treatment options in Columbia, Missouri : a decision support tool integrating life cycle analysis and robust optimization [1]
    Assessing the quality of care in nursing homes through Bayesian belief networks [1]
    Association rule mining in cooperative research [1]
    A Bayesian approach to demand forecasting [1]
    A comparative study of rapid prototyping systems [1]
    Comparing pointing performance of mouse and eye-gaze input system [1]
    Cooling system for micro scale food transport process [1]
    Data mining extension for economics [1]
    Design and testing of a prototype solar sanitizer [1]
    Design of distribution channel: direct sale vs. mixed sale [1]
    Design of global sustainable supply chains [1]
    Designing a robust supply chain network against disruptions [1]
    Determining a heuristic for pick location design in an end user warehouse [1]
    Determining optimal inventory levels for items nearing the end of a production run [1]
    The development and adaptation of the computer aided environment to facilitate industrial energy audits [1]