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    Factors influencing the normal rate of growth in domestic animals and the permanency of the effect of arrested development
    GABP regulation of the murine GABPa/ATPsynthase coupling factor six and human glutathione reductase promoters
    General consideration of the calcium and phosphorus in the ration of growing cattle
    Glomerular deposition of homotrimeric type I collagen in the COL1A2 deficient mouse
    Glomerulosclerosis in the Col1a2-deficient mouse model: homotrimer pathogenesis and MMP expression
    How are drugs designed?
    Identification of novel breast carcinoma and melanoma avid peptides for imaging
    Improvement of Biochemistry 2002 through experimental modification and organization of course materials
    In vitro characterization of Nudt16 orthologs by sequence and function provide evidence supporting a nuclear RNA degradation pathway
    The influence of mRNA secondary structures on ribosome conformational dynamics
    Interaction of secretory protein SecA with its binding partners : lipids and SecB
    Investigation of the unsaturated acids of cottonseed oil
    Investigation upon the nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and ash content of three beef animals, with special study upon the forms of sulfur
    Kinase-interacting FHA domain of kinase associated protein phosphatase: phosphopeptide interactions and NMR-detected dynamics
    Kinetic study of histidine kinase CheA in bacterial chemotaxis
    Mass spectrometry-based seed allergen quantification and applications in seed quality assessment
    Maternal diet and sex of offspring
    Mechanisms of salivary gland cell proliferation in vitro by P2Y2R activation
    The minimal primary structures of RNA aptamers selected to bind HIV-1 reverse transcriptase
    Modification of host and bacterial proteomes during host-pathogen interactions