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    The absolute measurement of electrical capacities
    The acceleration of gravity : an absolute determination with a Kater's pendulum for Columbia, Missouri
    The [alpha]-rays and the [alpha]-particle : a study of ionization and allied phenomena produced by [alpha]-rays
    Annealing-dependent phenomena in Ga₁[-x]Mn[x]As
    Antalgol variable ST Ophiuchi (52.1907)
    Carbon stars and silicon carbide
    Cathode disintegration
    Cell mechanics studied using atomic force microscopy
    Charge-transfer and other excitonic state in conjugated polymer : fullerene blends-implication in photovoltaics
    A comprehensive report on preparing and analyzing adsorptive materials suitable for hydrogen and methane storage
    Computational and theoretical study of water and lipid dynamics in biomolecular systems
    Computational studies of methane adsorption in nanoporous carbon
    Development and analysis of ZnO-based semiconductor photodetectors for UV detection
    Effect of temperature, density, and strength of electric current on the spectra of gases
    Effects of spin current in ferromagnets
    Electrolytic rectifiers
    The enigmatic thirteen micron feature
    Extremely extended dust shells around evolved intermediate mass stars: probing mass loss histories, thermal pulses and stellar evolution
    Frequency domain fluorescent molecular tomography and molecular probes for small animal imaging
    Fundamental building blocks of nanoporous networks from ultra-small-angle x-ray scattering (USAXS) and small-angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) experiments