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    Essential oil effects on rumen fermentation, animal performance, and meat quality of beef steers [1]
    Establishment of a phenotypical model of adverse outcomes associated with assisted reproductive technologies [1]
    Estrus induction and maintenance of cycles in gilts with PG-600 and boar exposure [1]
    Evaluation of in vitro and in vivo equine microbial population shifts in response to colic conditions [1]
    Evaluation of modified montmorillonites in poultry diets [1]
    Evaluation of the efficacy of high levels of microbial phytase in broilers [1]
    Factors influencing the normal rate of growth in domestic animals and the permanency of the effect of arrested development [1]
    Feed additives affect pork quality and shelf-life from pigs fed ethanol co-products and pork subject to three storage methods [1]
    Feed intake component of fescue toxicosis during short-term exposure to thermoneutral and heat stress conditions [1]
    Feedlot cattle response to rumen undegradable protein and diet fiber level of high concentrate diets [1]
    Food nutrients required for maintenance of brood sows and for growth of pigs to weaning time [1]
    Function and gene expression of circulating neutrophils in dairy cows: impact of micronutrient supplementation [1]
    Gene expression profiling of bovine ovarian follicular selection [1]
    General consideration of the calcium and phosphorus in the ration of growing cattle [1]
    Generation and characteriazation of porcine induced trophoblast [1]
    Generation and characterization of porcine induced trophoblast [1]
    Genotype by environment interaction estimated by using reaction norms in cattle [1]
    Genotype by environment interactions for growth and stayability in US red Angus [1]
    GGTA-1 targeting efficiency with a xenograft transgene [1]
    The heart of the 20mm. pig embryo. [1]