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    Abundance of TRIM28, SETDB1, and TP53 mRNA is dynamically regulated during porcine early embryogenesis and is abnormal in preimplantation embryos produced by in vitro fertilization in comparison to in vivo derived and nuclear transfer derived embryos [1]
    Applying effective energy concept for intake prediction and balancing ruminal nitrogen and post-ruminal amino acid requirements for beef cattle [1]
    Beef chuck muscle isolation has no effect on premium ground beef programs [1]
    Behavioral and physiological phenotype of the viable yellow mouse (AVY/a) [1]
    Biological characteristics of Katahdin sheep selected for footrot resistance [1]
    Characterization of a transgenic pig model carrying green fluorescent proteasomes [1]
    Characterization of grape condensed tannins and their effect on Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) hindgut fermentation [1]
    Characterization of interleukin-1 beta 2, a novel interleukin-1 expressed by the early pig conceptus during establishment of pregnancy [1]
    Determination of allelic expression of H19 in pre- and peri-implantation mouse embryos [1]
    Determining pork fat quality of pigs fed 20% DGS as measured by three methods with a standard industry marketing strategy [1]
    Determining pork fat quality of pigs fed twenty percent distillers grain with solubles as measured by three methods with a standard industry marketing strategy [1]
    Development of laboratory methods to detect meat tenderness [1]
    Effect of commercial feed additives on production variables and metabolic markers of the periparturient dairy cow [1]
    Effect of endophyte-infected tall fescue on hepatic gene expression in cattle [1]
    Effects of a commercial feed additive on production losses during acute heat stress conditions in mid-lactation Holstein dairy cows [1]
    Effects of aflatoxin B₁ (AFB₁) on hepatic gene expression in pigs and turkeys [1]
    Effects of heat stress and fescue toxicosis on the immune system and other physiological parameters [1]
    The Effects of Leptin on Placental Development and Function, and Offspring Behavior in Mice [1]
    Effects of reduced protein and diet complexity on performance and cost of nursery pigs [1]
    The effects of reduced protein diets using the Missouri ideal turkey protein on male turkeys from 0 to 21 weeks of age [1]