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    Identification and quantification of differentally represented transcripts in preimplantation bovine embryos
    Identification of California Condor (Gymnogyps californianus) estrogen receptors 1 and 2 and their activation by suspected environmental contaminants
    Immune Mediators of Murine Lyme Arthritis
    Impact of zymannase on growth performance, carcass characteristics, fat quality and processed meats in finishing barrow fed 30% dried distiller's grains with solubles
    Impacts of late gestational tall fescue forage systems on preweaning calves
    Implementation of high-density SNP data for genetic evaluation and QTL discovery in beef cattle
    The importance of the supplementation of zinc in nursey pig diets
    Improvement in stored forage utilization during feeding
    Improvement of feed efficiency in beef cattle through selection upon residual feed intake (RFI)
    Improving fiber by-product utilization in high concentrate diets
    Increasing land and forage utilization by Missouri cow/calf operations using silvopasture practices
    The influence of breeding young swine upon the parents, the offspring and the breed
    Influence of diet, production traits, blood hormones and metabolites, and mitochondrial complex protein concentrations on residual feed intake in beef cattle
    Influence of seasonal environment, top and bottom deck transport, transport duration, and time in lairage on overall pork quality and blood serum cortisol concentrations of market hogs
    Influence of subclinical hypocalcemia on plasma biochemical parameters, liver histologic changes, and common postpartum diseases in dairy cows
    The inhibition of cysteine peptidases improves in vitro maturation of porcine cumulus-oocyte-complexes
    Involvement of mitochondrial transcription factor A (TFAM) in porcine gametogenesis and preimplantation embryo development
    Large offspring syndrome, a bovine model for the human loss-of-imprinting overgrowth syndrome Beckwith-Wiedemann
    Metabolic status of late gestation beef cows and neonatal calves
    Mitigation of effects from heat stress by Artemisia species