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    Regulation of early trophoblast differentiation and development
    The relationship between mitochondria and residual feed intake in feedlot cattle
    Response of Bos taurus cattle to fescue toxicosis and heat stress comparing by region and breed
    The role of cytoplasmic polyadenylation element sequence on mRNA abundance in porcine embryogenesis
    The role of postruminal amino acid supply and mitochondria function on residual feed intake
    Ruminal degradation of protein and carbohydrate in the domestic and wild ruminant
    Selection for parasite resistance in Kiko x Boer goats
    Selection for placental efficiency in swine
    Shelf stability and quailty of fresh ground pork and pork sausage from pigs fed ethanol co-products
    Shelf stability and quality of fresh ground pork and pork sausage from pigs fed ethanol co-products
    Size-dependent acquisition of global DNA methylation in oocytes is altered by hormonal stimulation
    Steer feeding : wintering yearling and two year old steers, residual effect of wintering rations on rate and economy of subsequent gains, influence of age on rate and economy of gains
    Stem cells and DNA methylation reprogramming in pigs
    Strategic progesterone testing as a method to predict conception and manage reproduction in dairy cows
    Strategies to improve corn residue utilization
    Strategies to improve stored forage use efficiency
    Structural variation at the KIT locus is responsible for the piebald phenotype in Hereford and Simmental cattle
    Studies of ruminant digestion, ecology, and evolution
    A study of the effect of the periods of gestation and lactation upon the growth and composition of swine
    A study of the extent to which growth retarded during the early life of the beef animal can be later regained