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    Steer feeding : wintering yearling and two year old steers, residual effect of wintering rations on rate and economy of subsequent gains, influence of age on rate and economy of gains
    Stem cells and DNA methylation reprogramming in pigs
    Structural variation at the KIT locus is responsible for the piebald phenotype in Hereford and Simmental cattle
    Studies of ruminant digestion, ecology, and evolution
    A study of the effect of the periods of gestation and lactation upon the growth and composition of swine
    A study of the extent to which growth retarded during the early life of the beef animal can be later regained
    A study of the factors influencing the ability of the animal to digest its food
    A study of the relation of type and conformation to production in dairy cattle
    A study of the treatment of the intestinal parasites of swine
    Synchronization and ovarian development in dairy cows and heifers
    Temporal effects of fescue toxicosis and heat stress on rat physiology and hepatic gene expression
    Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 contributes to ovulatory dysfunction in a rat model of endometriosis
    Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 contributes to reduced fecundity in a rat model of endometriosis
    To what extent does a steer grow during process of fattening
    Transcriptional profiling by deep sequencing indentifies [sic] differences in mRNA transcript abundance in in vivo derived vs. in vitro cultured porcine blastocyst stage embryos
    Urocortin as a measure of stress in livestock
    The urogenital system of the 20-MM. pig embryo
    Use of Simvastatin to Inhibit Advanced Prostate Cancer Formation in the TRAMP Mouse Model of Prostate Cancer
    Utilization of forages in beef cow-calf nutrition
    Utilizing laboratory and field studies to determine physiological responses of cattle to multiple environmental stressors