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  • Reference Librarians and LIS Students: Contrasting Views of Reference Source Training and Experience 

    Adkins, Denice; Bossaller, Jenny S., 1972- (2011)
    An examination of students’ and practitioners’ attitudes towards, and uses of, various reference sources. Students found print sources to be educational, but use of print is waning. Many practitioners said learning specific ...
  • The Television Viewing Habits of Librarians (Pop Culture Association Version) 

    Adkins, Denice; Brown-Syed, Christopher (2003)
    One night, I phoned a colleague at home to ask a question. “I’d love to chat,” he said, “but Star Trek is on.” After hanging up, I started to wonder: why does every librarian I know watch Star Trek? As I started wondering ...
  • Unintentional Recruiting for Diversity 

    Adkins, Denice; Hussey, Lisa (2004)
    Library and information science literature presents several types of intentional recruitment strategies, such as scholarships and mentoring programs. In this presentation, we will introduce the topic of unintentional ...
  • Latinos’ Perceptions of the Library 

    Adkins, Denice; Hussey, Lisa (2004)
    Considered a great tool of democracy,1 libraries are open to all who choose to use them, regardless of race, gender, or creed. Therein lies both the greatest strength and weakness of libraries: because libraries provide ...
  • Perceptions of Romance Readers: An Analysis of Missouri Librarians 

    Adkins, Denice; Esser, Linda; Velasquez, Diane (2004)
    The romance novel is a form of literature geared toward women, which presents a love story with a central female character and a focus on that character’s emotional state. Feminist scholarship and library-related literature ...
  • LIS Youth-Oriented Education: An International Perspective 

    Adkins, Denice; Higgins, Susan (2005)
    While there has been considerable study of LIS youth services (i.e. youth-oriented) faculty and some study of curriculum, few studies have focused on the curriculum actively given to students. Further, many studies of youth ...
  • Reference Source Instruction: A Model for Teaching 

    Adkins, Denice; Erdelez, Sanda; Tao, Donghua (2005)
    The ideology of American librarianship places a very high value on librarians’ ability to find information and make that information accessible to the public. A broad and deep knowledge of reference sources is one of the ...
  • “Wasting Time on Romances”: Uncommon Ground in Reader Advisory Education and Professional Practice 

    Adkins, Denice; Esser, Linda; Velasquez, Diane (2007)
    Do we teach our masters’ students about reader advisory services? Well, the majority of schools offer a class that is either explicitly oriented toward Reader Advisory or includes Reader Advisory as a significant element. ...
  • Research Agendas and Time: Persistence and Change in the Profession’s Questions 

    Adkins, Denice; Budd, John M., 1953- (2013)
    In the late 1980s the Office of Library Programs sponsored a project intended to develop a research agenda for the field of librarianship. A detailed set of questions was stated. While more recent agendas have been created, ...
  • Describing vernacular literacy practices to enhance understanding of community information needs: A case study with practical implications. 

    Adkins, Denice; Bossaller, Jenny S., 1972-; Thompson, Kim (2009)
    Key documents guiding United States library service, including Reference and User Service Association (RUSA) guidelines and the American Library Association (ALA) Code of Ethics and Bill of Rights, focus on equitable public ...
  • Romance promotion in American public libraries. 

    Adkins, Denice; Esser, Linda; Velasquez, Diane (Public Libaries, 2010)
    Almost all libraries collect romance novels, but not all libraries engage in promotion or programming geared toward romance novels. Reader advisory services specific to romance tend to be secondary to general reader advisory ...
  • Unintentional recruiting for diversity. 

    Adkins, Denice; Hussey, Lisa (Public Libaries, 2005)
    Based on interviews with Latino undergraduate students, Latino and Native American graduate students in library and information science, and Latino librarians, this paper documents some techniques librarians unintentionally ...
  • Relations between librarians and romance readers: A Missouri survey. 

    Adkins, Denice; Esser, Linda; Velasquez, Diane (Public Libaries, 2006)
    Romance novels have traditionally been derided in academic literature and while recent LIS literature has been supportive of romance, previous articles indicated considerable disdain for the genre. Criticism raised in the ...
  • Library service planning using GIS and census data. 

    Adkins, Denice; Sturges, Denyse (Public Libaries, 2004)
    This paper reviews the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Census 2000 data in library planning. An example of the data accessible through Census 2000, and how libraries can use that data, is given.
  • Library and information needs of Latinos in rural Dunklin County, Missouri. 

    Adkins, Denice; Bala, Beth (Public Libaries, 2004)
    Libraries in rural Missouri are struggling to provide adequate services to a growing number of Spanish-speaking residents. This article examines the barriers to effective library services through the evaluation of a survey ...
  • Changes in public library youth services: A content analysis of youth services job advertisements. 

    Adkins, Denice (Public Library Quarterly, 2004)
    This article investigates requirements and responsibilities for public library youth services librarians. Position advertisements were published in American Libraries in five-year increments, from 1971 to 2001. Youth ...
  • Romance novels in American public libraries: A study of collection development practices. 

    Adkins, Denice; Velasquez, Diane; Hill, Heather L. (Library Collections, Acquisitions, and Technical Services, 2008)
    In library literature, the collection of romance novels has produced a fairly vociferous debate that has not surrounded other genres. However, there is relatively little in the literature that examines current practices. ...
  • LIS student learning styles and web-based instruction methods. 

    Adkins, Denice; Brown-Syed, Christopher; Tsai, Hui-Hsien (2005)
    This article looks at learning styles of library and information science (LIS) students. Felder and Solomon’s Index of Learning Styles was administered to 108 LIS students between 2001 and 2002. These results were analyzed ...
  • Reading sources and reading spaces in Honduras. 

    Adkins, Denice (IFLA Journal, 2009)
    Though literacy is often presented as a universal and monolithic achievement, it is in fact context-dependent, and largely dependent upon the kinds of texts available in a particular community. This paper presents an ...
  • Literature and technology skills for entry-level children’s librarians: What employers want. 

    Adkins, Denice; Esser, Linda (Children & Libraries, 2015-07-15)
    Public libraries are increasingly advertising for children’s librarians with “technological savvy.” In a field that used to be dominated by books and reading, this new focus on technology has been somewhat unexpected. This ...

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