The goal of the School of Information Science and Learning Technologies is to prepare future professionals how to truly make a difference through academic programming, research and discovery, and service to the broader community.

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  • LIS Research into Discovery: 2009-2013 

    Moulaison Sandy, Heather; Bossaller, Jenny S., 1972- (2016)
    Data were collected: April 2015-August 2015.
  • Being social in a 3D collaborative virtual learning environment : a case study of youth with autism spectrum disorder learning social competence in iSocial 

    Wang, Xianhui (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2014)
    Over the past decade 3D collaborative virtual learning has gained increasing attention from researchers and practitioners in educational technology. Learners experience of presence in collaborative activities and social ...
  • Structuring asynchronous online discussion groups : the impact of role-supported student facilitation 

    Huang, Yemin (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2014)
    The purpose of the current study was to explore the effectiveness of a role-supported, student-facilitation strategy on online discussions from multiple dimensions: participation, interaction, levels of knowledge construction ...
  • Gaming in the library 

    Apple, Elizabeth; Archer, Dustan; Arnold, Heather; Lee, Jacob; Mass, Dustin (2015)
    Libraries are vital public spaces which benefit from a variety of collections. While video games may be a relative newcomer, board games have had a place in libraries since at least 1933 (“Broadening our definition,” 2008, ...
  • Developing media literate students 

    Townsend, Kerry (2015)
  • 10 technology resources for public librarians 

    Brockmeier, Kathryn; Rethmeier, Jodi; Sewell, Lisa; Yates, Kirsten (2015)
    This publication is meant to be inspiration for public library staff who are looking for ways to bring technology tools to their staff and patrons. We have attempted to compile some of the most accessible technologies that ...
  • Top ten technologies for academic libraries 

    Bergner, Amy; Dyer, Danielle; Richtman, Kyla; Whitaker, Natalie (2015)
    It is becoming increasingly important for libraries to keep up in the rough and tumble world of emerging technologies. This is especially true for academic libraries that often work with professors and students utilizing ...
  • Top ten technology resources for young adult library services 

    McInnish, Evalyne; Moesel, Sara; Pulley, Chelsea; Ross, Dana (2015)
    Technology is an integral part of our daily lives, and has given us countless tools and resources to enhance our jobs. In this document, we present ten top emerging, exciting technologies for use in enhancing the library ...
  • Emerging technologies useful for working in digital humanities 

    Carmer, Justine; Disney, Bridget; Seavey, Aubrey; Wallenbeck, Rachel (2015)
    Digital Humanities is a rapidly growing field focused upon the relationship between technology and the humanities. This includes tools to research, access, explore, explain, collect data, document, and/or archive content ...
  • An ecological model of health information acquisition on the Internet 

    Basic, Josipa (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    The present study aims 1) to determine online information acquisition practices in which college students acquire health-related information, health topics they are interested in and online tools they use to acquire health ...
  • A Case Study of the Cognitive Apprenticeship Model in Leadership Education 

    Larsen, Christopher E. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    The cognitive apprenticeship model (CAM) has been examined for more than a quarter century as an instructional model from the perspectives of instructors. However, CAM is also a learning model. Remarkably little has been ...
  • Performances of Trust among Learners in the Context of Online Social Learning 

    Kanaris, Margarida E. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    This study contributes to the conversation on how to potentially make online learning more satisfying and successful. To this end, this study focuses on trusting relations because research indicates that trust binds all ...
  • Discovery systems as convergence : a systematic review of the research literature on an emerging library technology 

    Bossaller, Jenny S., 1972-; Moulaison Sandy, Heather (2015)
    Discovery systems were developed in 2009 and bring together the results from disparate databases such as the library catalog, electronic article databases, and ebook packages (Open Discovery Initiative Working Group, 2014). ...
  • Reference Librarians and LIS Students: Contrasting Views of Reference Source Training and Experience 

    Adkins, Denice; Bossaller, Jenny S., 1972- (2011)
    An examination of students’ and practitioners’ attitudes towards, and uses of, various reference sources. Students found print sources to be educational, but use of print is waning. Many practitioners said learning specific ...
  • The Television Viewing Habits of Librarians (Pop Culture Association Version) 

    Adkins, Denice; Brown-Syed, Christopher (2003)
    One night, I phoned a colleague at home to ask a question. “I’d love to chat,” he said, “but Star Trek is on.” After hanging up, I started to wonder: why does every librarian I know watch Star Trek? As I started wondering ...
  • Unintentional Recruiting for Diversity 

    Adkins, Denice; Hussey, Lisa (2004)
    Library and information science literature presents several types of intentional recruitment strategies, such as scholarships and mentoring programs. In this presentation, we will introduce the topic of unintentional ...
  • Latinos’ Perceptions of the Library 

    Adkins, Denice; Hussey, Lisa (2004)
    Considered a great tool of democracy,1 libraries are open to all who choose to use them, regardless of race, gender, or creed. Therein lies both the greatest strength and weakness of libraries: because libraries provide ...
  • Perceptions of Romance Readers: An Analysis of Missouri Librarians 

    Adkins, Denice; Esser, Linda; Velasquez, Diane L., 1959- (2004)
    The romance novel is a form of literature geared toward women, which presents a love story with a central female character and a focus on that character’s emotional state. Feminist scholarship and library-related literature ...
  • LIS Youth-Oriented Education: An International Perspective 

    Adkins, Denice; Higgins, Susan (2005)
    While there has been considerable study of LIS youth services (i.e. youth-oriented) faculty and some study of curriculum, few studies have focused on the curriculum actively given to students. Further, many studies of youth ...
  • Reference Source Instruction: A Model for Teaching 

    Adkins, Denice; Erdelez, Sanda; Tao, Donghua (2005)
    The ideology of American librarianship places a very high value on librarians’ ability to find information and make that information accessible to the public. A broad and deep knowledge of reference sources is one of the ...

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