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    Assessing the impact of an innovative community of practice on teacher efficacy, leadership and practice
    Assistive technology selection in technology-rich and technology-limited schools : an exploratory study of IEP decision making
    Being social in a 3D collaborative virtual learning environment : a case study of youth with autism spectrum disorder learning social competence in iSocial
    Capturing and assessing conceptual change in problem solving
    Case study of interactive digital forms on orthopedic patient satisfaction and score
    A Case Study of the Cognitive Apprenticeship Model in Leadership Education
    Characterizing performance via behavior co-occurrences in a 3D collaborative virtual learning environment : an exploratory study of performance and design
    A comparative study of the effects of instructional design-based scaffolding and management-based scaffolding on learning in online collaborative groups
    A comparison of embedded links and question links in cognitive flexibility hypertext (CFH) learning environments for problem solving in engineering ethics
    A context-aware notification framework for developers of computer supported collaborative environments
    A design-based research approach to the implementation and examination of a cognitive flexibility hypertext in a large undergraduate course
    The development of online self-regulated learning model and initial validation of human interaction component of online self-regulated learning
    Discovering the social organization of school library work
    An ecological model of health information acquisition on the Internet
    The effect of self-explanation and metacognitive scaffolding on learning web programming
    The effectiveness of the practice of correction and republication of the biomedical literature : a bibliometric analysis
    Effects of a patient's name and image on medical knowledge acquisition
    The effects of a technology-supported training system on second language use strategies for international teaching assistants
    The effects of animated agents with verbal audio on mathematics comprehension and attitudes towards mathematics and computers
    The effects of computer-supported inquiry-based learning methods and peer interaction on learning stellar parallax