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    Does securities regulation improve transparency? : an examination of the effects of EU's transparency directive on stock price informativeness, crash risk, and financial reporting quality
    The effect of big four office size on audit quality
    The effects of audit committee financial expertise on auditor changes and subsequent audit quality
    The effects of CEO succession on corporate restructuring and strategy change
    The effects of customer participation on service outcomes: a fit perspective
    The effects of scale and information distribution on group decision-making processes and outcomes
    Entrepreneur negotiation schema
    Essays on banking IPOs
    Essays on closed end funds: disclosure, discounts and performance
    Essays on closed-end funds: internal versus external management and insider trading
    Essays on idea sharing and investor performance
    Essays on improving sales performance
    Essays on security issuance
    Eudaimonic orientation: the pursuit of the best self
    An examination of the impact of voluntary disclosure on the post-earnings announcement drift
    Firm strategy and knowledge management in strategic supply chain relationships: a knowledge-based view
    Firm transparency and innovation: international evidence
    Four essays in empirical corporate finance and financial markets : social captial, corporate risk-taking, external financing, and financial market development
    Friends in High Places : Two Essays on the Importance of Corporate Political Connections
    From service design to delivery: integrating marketing and operations in the service unit