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    Calling the shots in negotiations: the effects of self-efficacy, cognitive style, goal orientation, information about past performance, and opponents' behavior on negotiators' risk taking [1]
    City Location and Sell-Side Analyst Research [1]
    Competitive learning and joint learning in international joint venture [1]
    A consumer perspective on mass customization [1]
    The contagion effect of office-level audit failures [1]
    Cynical consumers: dangerous enemies, loyal friends [1]
    Director ties, board experience, and firm strategic outcomes: board experience effects on post-acquisition performance [1]
    Disclosure and CEO turnover [1]
    Disclosure and dividend policy [1]
    Dispositional and situational predictors of confirmatory behavior in the employment interview [1]
    Dispositional antecedents of career success: a social network perspective [1]
    Do industry specialist auditors enforce more conservative recognition of long-lived asset impairments? [1]
    Do role models matter?: exploring the correlates of motivational and imitative role modeling by professionals [1]
    Does securities regulation improve transparency?: an examination of the effects of EU's transparency directive on stock price informativeness, crash risk, and financial reporting quality [1]
    The effect of big four office size on audit quality [1]
    The effects of audit committee financial expertise on auditor changes and subsequent audit quality [1]
    The effects of CEO succession on corporate restructuring and strategy change [1]
    The effects of customer participation on service outcomes: a fit perspective [1]
    The effects of scale and information distribution on group decision-making processes and outcomes [1]
    Entrepreneur negotiation schema [1]