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    Decoupling orientations from actions : an investigation of MNC subsidiary learning and innovation performance
    Director ties, board experience, and firm strategic outcomes: board experience effects on post-acquisition performance
    Disclosure and CEO turnover
    Disclosure and dividend policy
    Dispositional and situational predictors of confirmatory behavior in the employment interview
    Dispositional antecedents of career success: a social network perspective
    Do industry specialist auditors enforce more conservative recognition of long-lived asset impairments?
    Do role models matter?: exploring the correlates of motivational and imitative role modeling by professionals
    Does CEO tenure influence corporate bond rating properties?
    Does securities regulation improve transparency? : an examination of the effects of EU's transparency directive on stock price informativeness, crash risk, and financial reporting quality
    The effect of big four office size on audit quality
    The effects of audit committee financial expertise on auditor changes and subsequent audit quality
    The effects of CEO succession on corporate restructuring and strategy change
    The effects of customer participation on service outcomes: a fit perspective
    The effects of scale and information distribution on group decision-making processes and outcomes
    Empirically identified industry classification
    Entrepreneur negotiation schema
    Essays on arts entrepreneurship : exploring creative entrepreneurial processes
    Essays on banking IPOs
    Essays on CEO compensation