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    Illiquidity spillover: the cross-market impact of firm level illiquidity [1]
    Indirect bonding : [1]
    Industry complexity and the importance of industry leadership versus engagement office size on the quality of audit outcomes [1]
    The Influence of Client Importance and Country-Level Institutions on Auditor Behavior [1]
    The interplay of legitimacy gains and technical gains in the adoption of social media [1]
    Mentoring as a psychological contract: implications for relationship development and evaluation [1]
    New equity issues, share repurchases, and the predictability of aggregate stock returns: an international perspective [1]
    On the outside looking in: examining the fairness of mentoring from protege and non-protege perspectives [1]
    Optimal marketing budgeting and benchmarking of platform firms [1]
    Perceived progress, affect, and intensity : the role of approach-avoidance temperament and optimism in job search [1]
    Reciprocity in marketing relationships [1]
    The relationships of organizational web site information and job seeker characteristics with perceptions of and attraction to the organization [1]
    Salesforce control systems: an integrated approach [1]
    Social skill in the workplace: what is social skill and how does it matter? [1]
    Three essays on banking: agency, opacity, and fragility [1]
    Three essays on dividend and payout policy [1]
    Three essays on financial contracting [1]
    Three essays on firm-specific volatility [1]
    Three essays on stock market liquidity and earnings seasons [1]
    Three essays on the corporate debt choice [1]