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    Accounting for Uncertainty in Ecological Analysis: The Strengths and Limitations of Hierarchical Statistical Modeling
    Adaptive optimal design with application to a two drug combination trial based on efficiency-toxicity response
    Adaptive optimal designs for dose-finding studies and an adaptive multivariate CUSUM control chart
    Are There Leaks in Your Product Pipeline?
    Bayes factor consistency in linear models when p grows with n
    Bayesian analysis of multivariate stochastic volatility and dynamic models
    Bayesian analysis of spatial and survival models with applications of computation techniques
    A Bayesian Approach to Estimating the Long Memory Parameter
    Bayesian fMRI data analysis and Bayesian optimal design
    Bayesian methods on selected topics
    Bayesian non-linear methods for survival analysis and structural equation models
    Bayesian semiparametric spatial and joint spatio-temporal modeling
    Bayesian spatial data analysis with application to the Missouri Ozark forest ecosystem project
    Bayesian spatial models for adjusting nonresponse in small area estimation
    Bayesian variable selection in parametric and semiparametric high dimensional survival analysis
    ComPhy: Prokaryotic Composite Distance Phylogenies Inferred from Whole-Genome Gene Sets
    Design and analysis of a new bounded log-linear regression model
    Efficient Statistical Mapping of Avian Count Data
    Empirical likelihood approach estimation of structural equation models
    Estimates of school productivity and implications for policy