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    Accounting for spectral variability in hyperspectral unmixing using beta endmember distributions [1]
    Adaptive array signal processing using the concentric ring array and the spherical array [1]
    Adaptive temporal difference learning of spatial memory in the water maze task [1]
    Adjustable speed drive bearing fault detection via support vector machine incorporating feature selection using genetic algorithm [1]
    Advanced feature based techniques for landmine detection using ground penetrating radar [1]
    Anti-fog coatings using the super-hydrophobic approach [1]
    Applications of parallel computing in robotics problems [1]
    Asymmetric quantum well structures for enhanced infrared photon absorption [1]
    Automated building footprint extraction from high resolution LIDAR DEM imagery [1]
    Automated video processing and scene understanding for intelligent video surveillance [1]
    Automatic detection of explosive devices in infrared imagery using texture with adaptive background mixture models [1]
    A biologically inspired optical flow system for motion detection and object identification [1]
    Broadband beamforming and direction finding using concentric ring array [1]
    Case study of normal and high glucose laden cell response to cellular phone radiation using GTEM cell [1]
    Cellular neural network virtual machine for graphics hardware with applications in image processing [1]
    Channel modeling, estimation and equalization in wireless communication [1]
    Characterization of a piezoelectric transformer plasma source [1]
    Characterization of ion sources for compact accelerator neutron production [1]
    Charge collection mechanisms in a sub-micron grated MSM photodector: field analysis [1]
    Cognitive radios: spectrum sensing issues [1]