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    Scene matching between a quantitative map and a qualitative hand drawn sketch
    Searching objects of interest in large scale data
    Self-aligned microchip device for automated measurement of quantal exocytosis
    Semi-supervised interactive unmixing for hyperspectral image analysis
    Sensor network for early illness detection in the elderly
    Shallow trench isolation process in microfabrication for flash (NAND) memory
    Shock wave interaction with a toroidal air plasma
    Short-term heart rate variability as a general indicator of health estimated by ballistocardiography using a hydraulic bed sensor in elder care
    Signal generation for ultra-wideband short-range radar system
    Signal processing and fusion study for subsurface object detection using ground penetrating radar
    Significance-linked Connected Component Analysis Plus with new DOR and context model
    Significance-linked connected component analysis+ for wavelet image coding
    Silicon carbide as a photoconductive switch material for high power applications
    Simulation algorithms for fractal radiation
    Simulation and design of GaAs/A1[subscript]xGa₁₋[subscript]xAs Multiple-Quantum-Well Fabry-Perot optical modulators
    Simulation and experimental study of the multichanneling rimfire gas switch
    Simultaneous electrophoretic deposition of copper oxide/aluminum nanothermite films
    Single carrier frequency domain equalization for broadband wireless communications
    Sound event detection and extraction for automatic music transcription
    Source localization in the presence of sensor manifold uncertainties and synchronization error