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    Scene matching between a quantitative map and a qualitative hand drawn sketch [1]
    Searching objects of interest in large scale data [1]
    Self-aligned microchip device for automated measurement of quantal exocytosis [1]
    Sensor network for early illness detection in the elderly [1]
    Shallow trench isolation process in microfabrication for flash (NAND) memory [1]
    Shock wave interaction with a toroidal air plasma [1]
    Signal generation for ultra-wideband short-range radar system [1]
    Signal processing and fusion study for subsurface object detection using ground penetrating radar [1]
    Significance-linked Connected Component Analysis Plus with new DOR and context model [1]
    Significance-linked connected component analysis+ for wavelet image coding [1]
    Silicon carbide as a photoconductive switch material for high power applications [1]
    Simulation algorithms for fractal radiation [1]
    Simulation and experimental study of the multichanneling rimfire gas switch [1]
    Single carrier frequency domain equalization for broadband wireless communications [1]
    Sound event detection and extraction for automatic music transcription [1]
    Source localization in the presence of sensor manifold uncertainties and synchronization error [1]
    Source localization using TDOA with erroneous receiver positions [1]
    The spatial cross-correlation coefficient as an ultrasonic detection statistic [1]
    Spectrographic temperature measurement of a breakdown arc within the rimfire gas switch [1]
    Spectroscopic ellipsometry analysis of nanoporous low dielectric constant films processed via supercritical carbon dioxide for next-generation microelectronic devices [1]