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    The portfolio problem in agricultural cooperatives: an integrated framework
    Potential for dairy exports to the UK post-brexit : bilateral partial equilibrium modeling in the presence of trade barriers
    Product differentiation and the role of contracts: the US pork industry case
    A production theory application to modeling Korean beef import demand
    Program attributes that impact a farmer's willingness-to-accept participation in a high oleic soybean (hos) segregation program: a choice experiment
    Projecting Cropland Rental Rate and Asset Values: Using a Hybrid of Past Approaches to Harvest New Estimates
    Regulation and distribution of wine in the United States
    The relationship between performance and governance in agricultural cooperatives : a structural equation modeling approach
    The residual control roles of cooperative board of directors: a preliminary comparative analysis
    The role of bridging and linking social capital in household wealth: a case study of two livelihoods in Treasure Beach, Jamaica
    The role of choice architecture in toilet design: a behavioral economics approach to water conservation
    Spatial econometric analysis of highway and regional economy in Missouri
    Specialization and the firm
    Strategies to develop market access in the Bolivian highlands: two case studies for Chuño and Tunta
    A structural model of the international coffee sector: an econometric investigation
    A study of collective entrepreneurship using agent-based modeling
    A Study of Innovation and Patenting in the Life Sciences
    A study of the impact national forests have on county population and employment densities
    A study of the Mexican sugar industry and the impact of the new suspension agreement under different market structures
    A sustainable livelihood resource evaluation of communities that participated in a livestock development project a decade ago