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    Adoption of organic farming systems in Missouri [1]
    An alternative futures analysis of Flathead County, Montana: evaluating tradeoffs among economic growth, land use policy and land use change [1]
    Analysis of creative and effective teaching behaviors ofuniversity [sic] instructors [1]
    Analysis of the average crop revenue election program, a representative farm approach [1]
    Are structural changes in the agri-food sector causing the instability of parochial ag-producers? [1]
    An assessment of the impact of landscape soil, government programs and crop insurance on the profitability of perennial grass cropping systems grown for bioenergy [1]
    A Case of Uncertainty In the Vertical Integration Decision [1]
    The changing policy environment for agriculture in the European Union [1]
    Commercial grain merchandisers: interest in professional development [1]
    Comparing the impacts of biofuels using survey and non-survey data [1]
    Consumer behavior changes across income levels: meat market analysis [1]
    The distribution of farm labor [1]
    Distribution of labor and its relation to farm management [1]
    The economic and performance impact of technology adoption [1]
    The effect of organizational structure on firm first day underpricing, long-term performance: evidence from U.S. biotech initial public offerings from 1996 to 2004 [1]
    Effectiveness of participatory approaches in sustainable rural development: analyzing case studies in Uzbekistan [1]
    The effects of increased corn-ethanol production on U.S. natural gas prices [1]
    The efficiency of the farm diary in accounting investigations [1]
    An empirical approach to exploring the role of selective incentives in mitigating the free rider problem [1]
    An empirical investigation of the vertical boundary determinants of wineries in emerging regions [1]