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    Regulation and distribution of wine in the United States
    The relationship between performance and governance in agricultural cooperatives : a structural equation modeling approach
    The residual control roles of cooperative board of directors: a preliminary comparative analysis
    The role of bridging and linking social capital in household wealth: a case study of two livelihoods in Treasure Beach, Jamaica
    The role of choice architecture in toilet design: a behavioral economics approach to water conservation
    Spatial econometric analysis of highway and regional economy in Missouri
    Specialization and the firm
    Strategies to develop market access in the Bolivian highlands: two case studies for Chuño and Tunta
    A structural model of the international coffee sector: an econometric investigation
    Study in efficiency of farm machinery in its relation to farm labor
    A Study of Innovation and Patenting in the Life Sciences
    A study of the impact national forests have on county population and employment densities
    A study of types of farming in the U.S. by the farm management survey method
    Technical analysis of evolving farm organization
    Three essays in regional economic modeling
    Three essays on adoption of practices related to the environment
    Three essays on agricultural policy and food demand
    Three essays on agricultural price volatility
    Three essays on Black Sea grain markets
    Three essays on economic growth and the environment: A comparative analysis of developed and developing countries