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    Three essays on economic growth and the environment: A comparative analysis of developed and developing countries
    Three essays on entrepreneurship: theory, measurement, and environment
    Three essays on healthcare access and efficiency
    Three essays on intellectual property rights and agricultural change in Africa
    Three essays on location aspects in biotechnology entrepreneurship
    Three essays on rice markets and policies in southeast Asia with a focus on rice consumption patterns in Vietnam
    Three essays on the adoption of environmental management innovations in residential areas
    Three essays on the competitiveness of the US corn seed industry
    Three essays on the dynamic ownership and governance of U.S. farmer cooperatives
    Three essays on the economic value of innovation and quality within the soybean supply chain
    Three essays on the links between agriculture and energy policies in the U.S.
    Three essays on the potential economic impacts of biotech crops in the presence of asynchronous regulatory approval
    Three essays on the relationship between franchising and productivity
    Three essays on value-added beef strategies
    U.S. apple market response to change in pesticide regulations
    U.S. beef trade in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement : analysis of relevant markets and potential scenarios
    Using Friedman to understand the relationship between market competition and corporate social performance
    Value added to the beef cattle chain through genetic management
    What is the impact of livelihood strategies on farmers' climate risk perceptions in the Bolivian highlands?
    Work stock management