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    A study of types of farming in the U.S. by the farm management survey method [1]
    Technical analysis of evolving farm organization [1]
    Three essays in regional economic modeling [1]
    Three essays on adoption of practices related to the environment [1]
    Three essays on agricultural price volatility [1]
    Three essays on Black Sea grain markets [1]
    Three essays on economic growth and the environment: A comparative analysis of developed and developing countries [1]
    Three essays on entrepreneurship: theory, measurement, and environment [1]
    Three essays on healthcare access and efficiency [1]
    Three essays on intellectual property rights and agricultural change in Africa [1]
    Three essays on location aspects in biotechnology entrepreneurship [1]
    Three essays on rice markets and policies in southeast Asia with a focus on rice consumption patterns in Vietnam [1]
    Three essays on the competitiveness of the US corn seed industry [1]
    Three essays on the links between agriculture and energy policies in the U.S. [1]
    Three essays on the potential economic impacts of biotech crops in the presence of asynchronous regulatory approval [1]
    Three essays on value-added beef strategies [1]
    Using Friedman to understand the relationship between market competition and corporate social performance [1]
    Value added to the beef cattle chain through genetic management [1]
    What is the impact of livelihood strategies on farmers' climate risk perceptions in the Bolivian highlands? [1]
    Work stock management [1]