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    Abundance of Black-backed Woodpeckers and other birds in relation to disturbance and forest structure in the Black Hills and Bear Lodge Mountains of South Dakota and Wyoming
    Amphibians as wetland restoration indicators on Wetlands Reserve Program sites in Lower Grand River basin, Missouri
    Assemblage structure and shallow-water habitat use by small-bodied fishes at lower Missouri River sandbars
    Assessing the vulnerability of stream communities and the consistency and use of biotic indices in least-disturbed streams
    An assessment of stream fish vulnerability and an evaluation of conservation networks in Missouri
    Avian nest survival and breeding density in cottonwood plantations and native forest fragments in southeast Missouri
    Avian population responses to Anthropogenic landscape changes in Pohnpei, Federated Sates of Micronesia
    Bat occupancy of forests and managed savanna and woodland in the Missouri Ozark Region
    Breeding bird response to pine- savanna and woodland restoration in the Ozark-Ouachita interior highlands
    Broad-scale resource selection and food habits of a recently reintroduced elk population in Missouri
    Butterfly gardening: using volunteers to provide data on flower use
    Captive management, stress, and reproduction in the Guam kingfisher
    Carnivore ecology and conservation : implications for tiger conservation and management in Nepal
    Conservation of Sooty Terns on Wake Atoll complex
    Demographic, behavioral and physiological responses of wildlife to reintroduction
    Development and evaluation of a technique for evaluating riparian vegetation change in the tallgrass prairie
    Development and evaluation of a terrestrial animal-borne video system for ecological research
    Development and validation of standardized sampling protocols for assessing freshwater mussel populations in Missouri
    Development of standardized and validated survey methods for assessing unionoid mussel assemblages in Missouri
    Disease ecology of free-ranging dogs in Central India : implications for wildlife conservation