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    Small group read aloud with nonfiction and fiction literature in preschool [1]
    Social studies, denizens, and the state: A three-article dissertation [1]
    South Korean parents' goals, knowledge, practices, and needs regarding music education for young children [1]
    Standards in the studio : how are the National Standards for Music Education implemented within the collegiate low brass studio? [1]
    A study of algebra 1 students' use of digital and print textbooks [1]
    A study of elementary mathematics teachers' knowledge of equity [1]
    A study of environmental education in Missouri : a survey of project wet facilitators' understandings of environmental education [1]
    A study of international baccalaureate science teachers' choices in curriculum and instruction [1]
    A study of social comparisons and their effects on high school choir directors [1]
    A study of teacher knowledge as secondary mathematics teachers use a new technology [1]
    Swimming through whiteness : exploring non-racism and antiracism in social studies teacher education [1]
    Talking beyond the text: identifying and fostering critical talk in a middle school classroom [1]
    Teacher conceptions of authentic science : exploring teachers' practical and formal epistemologies [1]
    Teacher induction programs and their effectiveness on the retention of secondary trade and industrial teachers in Missouri [1]
    Teacher opportunities to learn: responses and recommendations of grades 6-12 mathematics teachers from one district [1]
    Teachers' knowledge of algebraic reasoning : its organization for instruction [1]
    A theoretical model of piano sightplaying components [1]
    Third-grade teachers' noticing of students' mathematical thinking [1]
    Transforming paradigms an a/r/tographical exploration [1]
    Transitioning into mathematics curriculum leadership : a study of how a graduate degree program influenced leaders' views, actions, and responses [1]