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    Examining college science teachers' belief systems about inquiry-based teaching in the context of a professional development program [1]
    Examining elementary mathematics teachers' justification practices [1]
    Examining nursing students' understanding of the cardiovascular system in a BSN program [1]
    Examining secondary students algebraic reasoning: flexibility and strategy use [1]
    Experiences of Low-Income Families From a Parents as Teachers Program as Their Children Transition to Kindergarten: A Phenomenological Study [1]
    Expertise development in musicians : the roles of deliberate play and deliberate practice [1]
    The exploration and regulation of gender and sexual identities in literacy education [1]
    An exploratory cross-sectional survey study of elementary teachers' conceptions and methods of STEM integration [1]
    Exploratory study into the relationship between factors related to teacher qualification, school context, and the reported professional development outcomes [1]
    Exploring and conceptualizing teacher formative assessment practices and digital applications within a technology-enhanced high school classroom [1]
    Exploring tensions, identities, and equitable science assessment practices in undergraduate agroecology education [1]
    Exploring the relationship between students' level of content knowledge and their ability to engage in scientific argumentation using structural equation modeling [1]
    Face-to-face, online, and hybrid designs for mentoring [1]
    Facilitating emergent bilingual's participation in mathematics : an examination of a teacher's positioning acts [1]
    Facilitating the development of elementary prospective teachers' pedagogical content knowledge : a case study of a mathematics teacher educator's actions and purposes [1]
    Four Peruvian pre-service teachers and their use of digital communication [1]
    Freewriting for fluency and flow in eighth and ninth grade reading classes [1]
    From the textbook to the enacted curriculum: Textbook use in the middle school mathematics classroom [1]
    Functions in contemporary secondary mathematics textbook series in the United States [1]
    Gender roles and stereotypes revealed in recent best-selling adolescent literature : a content analysis [1]