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    Instructor formative assessment practices in virtual learning environments : a posthumanist sociomaterial perspective [1]
    Instrumental music teacher perceptions regarding student self-regulation of music learning [1]
    Intended and unintended consequences of reading assessment and intervention [1]
    Investigating experiences that inform university instructors' specialized knowledge for teaching protein synthesis [1]
    Investigating high school chemistry teachers' perceptions, knowledge and practices of classroom assessment [1]
    Investigating how participatory action research and the use of assessment instruments can support college science instructors science assessment literacy [1]
    Investigating science teacher knowledge of learners and learning and sequence of instruction in an alternative certification program [1]
    Investigating the development and use of phylogenetic representations by college undergraduates in a plant systematics course [1]
    Investigating undergraduate students' sense making and connections about volcanology concepts [1]
    Korean ece teachers' strategies for addressing challenging behavior [1]
    Learning to notice and teach English language learners in the elementary mathematics classroom : a case of four teachers [1]
    Learning trajectories related to bivariate data in contemporary high school mathematics textbook series in the United States [1]
    Literacy matters in mental health : mapping the ruling relations that influence the work of mental health recovery through a lens of literacy [1]
    "Little people can learn about race" : thinking with the wake in a first-grade classroom [1]
    The lived experience of teaching literacy to English language learners among experienced, mainstream, elementary teachers using a coculturation perspective [1]
    Lost in translation? : transformations of federal policy intentions for effective professional development in statewide policy [1]
    Mathematics textbooks and state curriculum standards : an analysis of the alignment between the written and intended curricula [1]
    Meeting Rwanda halfway : the entanglement of matter and meaning [1]
    A narrative inquiry about teacher identity construction : preservice teachers share their stories [1]
    The nature of talk in a kindergarten classroom : examining read aloud, guided reading, and literature discussion [1]