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    Decentering experience : beyond visitor or object centered philosophies in university art museums and exhibition design
    Developing secondary students' understanding of the generality and purpose of proof
    The development and implementation of a heuristic for teaching reflective scientific skepticism within a socio-scientific issue instructional framework
    Development and initial validation of the Williams-Proctor Cultural Competence Scale : assessment for youth development professionals and paraprofessionals
    The development and validation of a three-tier diagnostic test measuring pre-service elementary education and secondary science teachers' understanding of the water cycle
    Development and validation of two influenza assessments : exploring the impact of knowledge and social environment on health behaviors
    Development of curriculum materials to teach American children about the culture of Taiwan through Taiwanese children's songs
    Development of high school science teachers as teacher leaders at various stages of their career: A multiple case study
    The development of pedagogical content knowledge of a mathematics teaching intern: the role of collaboration, curriculum, and classroom context
    Development of preservice elementary teachers science self-efficacy beliefs and its relation to science conceptual understanding
    The development of veteran 9th-grade physics teachers' knowledge for using representations to teach the topics of energy transformation and transfer
    Differences in conceptions of variables among students with typical achievement, low achievement and mathematics learning disabilities
    Digital storytelling in writing : a case study of student teacher attitudes toward teaching with technology
    Dr. Ron Shroyer : an historical study of his career and contributions to Central Methodist University
    The effect of reform-based science teaching on SES-associated achievement gap on Pisa 2006 : a comparative study of the United States and Taiwan
    The effect of rhythmic pattern instruction on the sight-reading achievement of wind instrumentalists
    The effects of listening conditions, error types, and ensemble textures on the error detection skills of undergraduate instrumental music education majors
    EFL students' response to the teacher's written feedback
    Enacted identities : a narrative inquiry into teacher writerly becoming
    Engaging with advertising media in a constructivist classroom : case study of a rural seventh grade class