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    The effect of reform-based science teaching on SES-associated achievement gap on Pisa 2006 : a comparative study of the United States and Taiwan
    The effect of rhythmic pattern instruction on the sight-reading achievement of wind instrumentalists
    The effects of listening conditions, error types, and ensemble textures on the error detection skills of undergraduate instrumental music education majors
    EFL students' response to the teacher's written feedback
    Enacted identities : a narrative inquiry into teacher writerly becoming
    Engaging with advertising media in a constructivist classroom : case study of a rural seventh grade class
    An examination of how extended field experiences, integrated coursework, and school partnerships influenced the development of four first year teachers' literacy beliefs and practice
    An examination of how teachers use curriculum materials for the teaching of proof in high school geometry
    An examination of methods used to teach practice strategies in the college voice studio
    An examination of Missouri women high school band directors' experiences with mentorship
    An examination of music student teaching seminars at midwestern universities
    Examining beginning biology teachers' knowledge, beliefs, and practice for teaching natural selection
    Examining college science teachers' belief systems about inquiry-based teaching in the context of a professional development program
    Examining nursing students' understanding of the cardiovascular system in a BSN program
    Examining secondary students algebraic reasoning: flexibility and strategy use
    Experiences of Low-Income Families From a Parents as Teachers Program as Their Children Transition to Kindergarten: A Phenomenological Study
    Expertise development in musicians : the roles of deliberate play and deliberate practice
    The exploration and regulation of gender and sexual identities in literacy education
    An exploration of contingency theory of accommodation : communicating environmental sustainability measures in Norway
    An exploratory cross-sectional survey study of elementary teachers' conceptions and methods of STEM integration