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    Face-to-face, online, and hybrid designs for mentoring [1]
    Facilitating emergent bilingual's participation in mathematics : an examination of a teacher's positioning acts [1]
    Facilitating the development of elementary prospective teachers' pedagogical content knowledge : a case study of a mathematics teacher educator's actions and purposes [1]
    Four Peruvian pre-service teachers and their use of digital communication [1]
    Freewriting for fluency and flow in eighth and ninth grade reading classes [1]
    From the textbook to the enacted curriculum: Textbook use in the middle school mathematics classroom [1]
    Functions in contemporary secondary mathematics textbook series in the United States [1]
    Gender roles and stereotypes revealed in recent best-selling adolescent literature : a content analysis [1]
    Genealogies of affect among a young veterinarian's public letter : an exploratory study of hidden curricula in a college of veterinary medicine [1]
    Goals of instruction : a cross case analysis of five secondary mathematics teachers [1]
    Grade 4-6 student conceptions and utilization of informal and formal variable representations across mathematically equivalent tasks [1]
    The growth of school mathematics : Korean secondary gifted students' collaborative problem solving using the Wiki [1]
    High school students interpretations and use of diagrams in geometry proofs [1]
    How do Asian adult second language writers engage in English writing? [1]
    How teachers adapt to curricular and structural change : a multi-case study of three middle school language arts teachers [1]
    How teachers negotiated the meaning of Next Generation Science Standards(NGSS) through participation in a professional learning community [1]
    "I can't believe I just said that" : discursive filters and beginning mathematics teachers' enactment of ambitious practice [1]
    "I think I'm a good reader, but I guess I'm not, since I got put in that class." The intended and unintended consequences of reading assessment and intervention : an institutional ethnography [1]
    Identification of the significant competencies in graphic design [1]
    Ideology and education : a three-article dissertation exploring implications for democracy [1]