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    Race, gender, and sexuality : constructions of Latinidad in Jane the Virgin
    Reading in Mandarin and English: Using Reading Miscue Inventory and Retrospective Miscue Analysis with Adult English Language Learners
    Real time video mentoring : investigating synchronous video technology as a mentoring tool for new music teachers in rural school districts
    Relationships between siblings engaged in music study : an exploratory investigation
    Relationships between undergraduates' argumentation skills, conceptual quality of problem solutions, and problem solving strategies in introductory physics
    Representations of intersectionality and class politics in coverage of national newspapers : a textual analysis of the housing crisis in 2006
    Responses of elementary students and their teachers to a world music preference survey
    The role of mental-modeling ability, content knowledge, and mental models in general chemistry students' understanding about molecular polarity
    Saudi teachers' perceptions on reading instruction
    Scaffolding the continua of biliterate development in the Spanish language immersion classroom
    School and district policies and strategies that impact student performance on the Missouri end-of-course algebra I NCLB assessment
    School-community partnerships in community children's choir organizations
    Second grade students' interpretations of various representations depicting part-part-whole relationships
    Secondary literacy teachers' use of a twitter chat community for voluntary ongoing professional learning
    Secondary mathematics teachers' informal inferential reasoning : the role of knowledge structures for measures of center, spread and shape
    Secondary-level social studies pedagogical planning to inclusive practices : how prepared are our teacher candidates to work in today's 21st century inclusive high school classroom
    Small group read aloud with nonfiction and fiction literature in preschool
    Social studies, denizens, and the state: A three-article dissertation
    South Korean parents' goals, knowledge, practices, and needs regarding music education for young children
    Standards in the studio : how are the National Standards for Music Education implemented within the collegiate low brass studio?