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    Talking beyond the text: identifying and fostering critical talk in a middle school classroom
    Teacher conceptions of authentic science : exploring teachers' practical and formal epistemologies
    Teacher induction programs and their effectiveness on the retention of secondary trade and industrial teachers in Missouri
    Teacher opportunities to learn: responses and recommendations of grades 6-12 mathematics teachers from one district
    Teachers' knowledge of algebraic reasoning : its organization for instruction
    A theoretical model of piano sightplaying components
    Third-grade teachers' noticing of students' mathematical thinking
    Transforming paradigms an a/r/tographical exploration
    Transitioning into mathematics curriculum leadership : a study of how a graduate degree program influenced leaders' views, actions, and responses
    Two paths to advanced placement calculus : an examination of secondary students' mathematical understanding emerging from integrated and single-subject curricula
    Undergraduate music students' perceptions of lesson and rehearsal planning
    Understanding the development of a 6th grade science classroom practice of argumentation : synthesizing cognitive and sociocultural perspectives
    Using participatory action research to support the implementation of universal design for learning in an elementary science classroom : a case study
    Using sociocultural and cognitive lenses the nature of reading scaffolding provided by an experienced district literacy coach during an upper elementary small group reading intervention
    "When people push us, it just makes us feel better" : a multi-case exploration of the tools, relationships, and contexts of near-peer mentoring for college
    Where is the L in STEM?: one teacher's integration experiences with literacy, science, and engineering
    Women in high school United States history textbooks
    "Writing down is a way of letting go" : individuals using writing to return to "remembered wellness"
    You are not an impostor : mediating impostor phenomenon feelings in graduate students through literacy interventions