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    Historical data in the study of present-day problems
    History of the academy in Missouri
    How do Asian adult second language writers engage in English writing?
    "I think I'm a good reader, but I guess I'm not, since I got put in that class." The intended and unintended consequences of reading assessment and intervention : an institutional ethnography
    Identification of the significant competencies in graphic design
    Ideology and Education : A three-article dissertation exploring implications for democracy
    Imagining and Improvising with Theory and Practice : A Narrative Inquiry With First Grade Students During Reading Workshop
    Implementation of integrated mathematics textbooks in secondary school classrooms
    The importance of undergraduate's computer competency and information literacy skills: marketing faculty's perspectives in Thailand
    In-service elementary ESOL teachers' perspectives, usage, and difficulties of teaching English through music
    The influence of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) for teaching macroevolution on student outcomes in a general education biology course
    The influence of the physics first course sequence on Missouri students' biology end of course assessment
    Instructional decisions guided by student performance: the case of an exemplary elementary science teacher
    Instructional Strategies Used By Developmental Mathematics Instructors In Missouri Public Community Colleges To Promote Active Learning : An Analysis of the Cognitive Complexity
    Intended and unintended consequences of reading assessment and intervention
    Investigating experiences that inform university instructors' specialized knowledge for teaching protein synthesis
    Investigating high school chemistry teachers' perceptions, knowledge and practices of classroom assessment
    Investigating how participatory action research and the use of assessment instruments can support college science instructors science assessment literacy.
    Investigating science teacher knowledge of learners and learning and sequence of instruction in an alternative certification program
    Investigating the development and use of phylogenetic representations by college undergraduates in a plant systematics course