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    The Age and Density of Ancient and Modern Oak Wood in Streams and Sediments
    Ambrosia beetle habitat use, host use, and influence on early wood colonizing microbes in an oak-hickory forest
    Analysis of landscape characteristics surrounding deer vehicle accidents in St. Louis County, Missouri
    Assessing the capacity for collaborative ecosystem stewardship on private forestland in the Missouri Ozarks
    Biomass production of five populus clones, soil carbon and soil water content in a central Missouri floodplain
    Corporate social responsibility in the wood products industry: a consumer perspective
    Dendroecology of forests in Missouri : disturbance and integration over multiple centuries
    Designing a LANDIS PRO harvest module and examining the effects of temporal resolution on simulation outcomes
    Detection and modeling of bat species occupancy at multiple scales across a forested landscape in southeastern Missouri
    Developing a stand density module in LANDIS to improve simulation realism of stand dynamics
    Early-age genetic parameter estimates for diameter, height and volume in Pinus echinata mill. and implications for breeding
    An ecological study of American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.) in the Missouri Ozark Highlands: effects of herbivory and harvest, ecological characterization and wild simulated cultivation
    Economic analysis of woody biomass harvesting in the Missouri Ozarks
    The economic feasibility of an integrated woody biomass harvest in the Missouri Ozark Highlands
    The Economic Feasibility of Woody Biomass Harvest Practices in Missouri: The Cost of Harvesting Tops and Small Diameter Trees
    Effects of biochar on yield and nitrogen nutrition of warm-season biomass grasses
    Effects of prescribed burning in Missouri Ozark upland forests
    Effects of prescribed burning on ground-foraging ant assemblages
    The effects of silvicultural treatments on oak height and basal diameter growth and oak regeneration abundance following a woody biomass removal during harvest in the Missouri Ozarks
    Establishing pin oak reproduction in bottomland forests in southeastern Missouri