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    Accurate DNA microsatellite and microRNA detection with a biological nanopore [1]
    Amyloid- [beta] peptide induces temporal membrane biphasic changes in astrocytes through cytosolic phospholipase A₂ [1]
    Angular Distribution of Diffuse Reflectance in Biological Tissue [1]
    Applications of Energetic Materials and Copper Oxide Nanorods for Decontamination [abstract] [1]
    Applications of gel electrophoresis in quantum dot conjugates' separation and purification [1]
    Applications of the opto-fluidic ring resonator for DNA methylation analysis and microfluidic laser development [1]
    Applying the Polarization Memory Effect in Polarization-gated Subsurface Imaging [1]
    Aptamer encoded nanopores as single molecule sensors [1]
    Assessing the biocompatibility of different sizes and concentrations of gold nanoparticles conjugated to decellularized tissue scaffolds [1]
    Atomic force microscopy (AFM) for measurement of cell elastic properties [1]
    Automated detection of amperometric spikes resulting from quantal exocytosis and estimation of spike and pre-spike foot signal parameters [1]
    Automatic four-limb IMU gait analysis in the canine DMD model [1]
    Azelnidipine attenuates inflammatory responses, siperoxide and relevant signaling pathways induced by amyloid-beta in mouse cerebral endothelial cells [1]
    Between-row mower design for weed control in organically grown no-till soybeans [1]
    Biophysical and photobiological modulations of cellular pathways in Alzheimer's disease [1]
    CCVJ's fluorescence lifetime as a viscosity measurement tool and its possible application as a tunable picoseconds reference lifetime standard [1]
    CFTR chloride channels and ABC active transporters undergo similar structural rearrangements as part of their operation [1]
    Characterization [of] nucleic acids unwinding and exploring its application in miRNA detection in the nanopore [1]
    Characterization of membrane viscosity changes with the novel molecular rotor FCVJ [1]
    Characterizing optical properties in fibrous tissues [1]